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# 1 New Fighter Idea
12-01-2012, 03:57 PM
Disclaimer: This is NOT a troll post. This is a serious idea/recommendation.

New Federation Pet:

The Tribble Fighter

Hull: 500
Shields: 500
Weapons: Grappling Hook (when latched to a target has a 2% chance of permanently disabling a subsystem, as long as it's user remains alive. Also as long as the ship using it remains alive, it deals 10 damage per second to the target. Both can stack)

Special Ability: Upon destruction, this ship has a 60% chance to split into two new ships.

Number per Hangar: 2

This fighter basically just shoots grapplers at things, latches on, and then stays there. Basic idea behind it: COVER YOUR TARGET IN TRIBBLE FIGHTERS. After a point, all it's subsystems will be offline since as it kills them, they split, and multiply. And then cover it more. And more. AND MORE.

And then when the warp core breach destroys all your tribble fighters... courtesy of their special ability, you might just end up with more than you started with...
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