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Originally Posted by doomicile View Post
The only issue I see that needs to be addressed is the DPB crit since one crits, they all crit. But I've been using Trics since like S3. Now if innate Tac Captain abilities buff Trics, then that's something else completely.

I use Trics and I lose a lot of survivability and overall DPS speccing and gearing for em. I'm also an Engineer and they're really my only dps option and by far the best answer to spam. I still say anyone in PvP who is actually having a problem with them, it's because they put all their eggs into forward damage and can't be bothered to equip CSV, TBR, APO, PH, FAW.

Plenty of counters. They have a long cooldown even a long GCD so stacking them isn't much of an advantage.

I find most of the people who complain about em are the average PvP'rs in their Jem Bugs who like to park on their target's rear and Alpha boom. Having to move out of the way is just too big a pain in the arse.
In this whole post, only your first sentence addressed my question. If using DPB comboed with tric mines creates an OP combo, then your definition of exploit can be applied to the use of them combined, correct?

Love the use of jem bugs in your post as well. Apparently those are the only escorts in the game that park and use front loaded weapons...

You can lose overall surviveability OR dps by speccing into them, but you shouldn't lose both if you max out one or the other

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