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12-01-2012, 05:03 PM
By OP, you mean there is no defense or counter against them then you're dead wrong. I acknowlege that the crit mechanic is off and am totally fine with whatever decision the Devs make. I face off against these things all the time and I either just hit FAW or Evasive Maneuvers, BFI and/or PH.

If I'm being focussed fired, CC'd while FAW is on CD and then killed by Tric mines, then bravo, a successful tactic executed. If I'm not paying attention to something that moves slower than an Atrox, then I deserve to die for having an inflated ego.

More often then not, when I'm in a match, they only serve to clear spam. Most good PvP'rs have some kind of AoE or countermeasure causing me to blow a 45 second CD, pretty much rendering me a roaming target. But I'm not going drop everything and dive into a healboat just becasue a handful of people don't like em.

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