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Ok for one i think this is a little over powered, sure its only 2%, but there is nothing in STO at the moment which will permanently disable a sub system, i can imagine that it would disable a sub system for x seconds and then other ones would say increase this time factpr by say X seconds.

But Tribbles splitting off, then once every subsystem is down the ship is destroyed. Way too overpowered. How does someone avoud this? I could see if your a tac captain you'd struggle with this mechanic.
Permanent subsystem disable until those fighters are destroyed. Would program it so last subsystem to go down would be weapons. Also how do you avoid it? Kill whatever is spawning these fighters, or kill the fighters themselves. It's not 100% chance of them spawning new ones, and these fighters are very squishy (500 shield and 500 hull), so one torp spread/BFAW will end it.

Something else to keep in mind: If you don't kill any of the fighters, they don't split. So if you just ignore them, you only have 4 of them latched on to you max.
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