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Originally Posted by tsurutafan01 View Post
From the bug reports, Tribble server section:

This stabilized my game as a short term solution. After not being able to really fly around or do missions since the season 7 launch, I finished up the mission I kept crashing in, did the Explore New Worlds thing for dilithium, and the dilithium mining asteroid near Bajor, all without a stutter personally. I played it safe and had some of the optional settings slightly lower than he suggested, and had no issues. Maybe it will help some of you too.
I tried this and STO still ended up grabbing my computer by the back of the head and repeatedly smashing its face into the pavement until the screen turned blue. Cryptic needs to stop dancing around the issue and fix whatever it is they broke. I haven't been able to play since November 13th (or thereabouts). This is asinine.

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