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12-01-2012, 08:24 PM
i actually wouldnt say they r more difficult. I have noticed that the 1 hit kills r still happening even though i could have sworn i read in patch notes that it was supposed to have stopped. however the 1 hit kill at least for me is down. i ran ISE this afternoon and got 1 hit i think at most 3 times when b4 i was getting 7 or 8. One another hand though, i have not managed to get the optional at all in that mission since S7 went live. People dont want to cooperate and work together. they want to go in there, guns a blazing and hope for the best. It just seems like STF's r really no fun anymore because people dont talk to one another, dont follow strategies or instructions, and just all around dont care. yes i know that the optional is moot point these days since u r not getting salvage and stuff. but still, wtf.
*Me*Why don't you just step away from the weapons console. You and I both know that you couldn't hit that cube, even if it was right in front of us.
*Junior Tactical Officer* But sir the cube IS right in front of us.
*Me* EXACTLY! Its right in front of us and you still missed it! Just step away from the console.