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Originally Posted by tsf00181 View Post
Field Generator MkXI Blue
Flow Capacitor MkXI Purple
Flow Capacitor MkXI Purple
Repair Platform
Personally (again my own personal taste) is to replace hte armour with hte repair console. However moving on.

You have allot of Flow Capacitors skill buffs, as it looks like you're heading towards a power drain build how about Tykens rift 1+3? After checking the Wiki it seems that Flow Capacitors also buffs Target sub systems attacks, so maybe replacing Tactical team with Target subsystem: Shields, so you can chain two copies (One is inate to the ship)?

The other thing to consider with this is Polarized Dirsuptors as weapons.

Also a full borg set gives you a tractor beam that drains power, and benifits from Flow Capacitors skill boosts.