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Originally Posted by scurry5 View Post
Not a good idea, in my opinion. I'll be looking at this from a PvP perspective.

Although you say that the chance to split is not 100%, anything over 50% will very easily get out of hand. Why, you ask?

E(X) = 0.6(1)+0.4(-1) = 0.2

This shows the statistical average for growth over time. 60% chance to add one Tribble Fighter, 40% chance to remove one. Hence, on average, you will see 0.2 growth for every fighter shot at and destroyed. This results in shooting the fighters being useless as a long-run strategy. Sure, you may luck out and destroy them all, but chances are they will multiply.

Aren't you basically contradicting yourself? A torp spread or BFAW might just make matters worse, as in the case of the warp core breach.

Any permanent subsystem disable is downright OP. Viral Matrix is bad enough as it is, despite being temporary, and you want to introduce something permanent? Bear in mind that carriers are typically the toughest ships to kill in-game, alongside cruisers. On the other hand, If something like the HEC or the Vesta carries these, if Shields, Engines, or Aux go down, you are getting blown up in moments.

TLDR: The subsystem disable mechanic combined with multiplication renders such a fighter unbalanceable. Might be fun in PvE, but this is completely not fun to face in PvP.
I read your whole post. And I whole-heartedly agree. But you have to admit, it is a funny idea. And even though I said it's not a troll post, I stand by that. I would be open to reducing the split chance down to 50%, but no less. The whole idea was that there was a chance for this to get out of control, and the fighters would start to spread like tribbles.

As for the perma subsystem disable, it's a tiny chance, and really only becomes dangerous once you have something around 10 or so of them attached. Since the statistical chance of them all targeting the same subsystem is extremely low, you are still in minimal danger. Granted in the unlikely event all of them target the same subsystem, you're screwed, but think about it this way, if you or an ally shoot them off, the subsystem will come back online.

But admit it, you would love to see a swarm of tribble fighters descend upon the borg and render them helpless for you to slaughter them.
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