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Originally Posted by doomicile View Post
By OP, you mean there is no defense or counter against them then you're dead wrong. I acknowlege that the crit mechanic is off and am totally fine with whatever decision the Devs make. I face off against these things all the time and I either just hit FAW or Evasive Maneuvers, BFI and/or PH.

If I'm being focussed fired, CC'd while FAW is on CD and then killed by Tric mines, then bravo, a successful tactic executed. If I'm not paying attention to something that moves slower than an Atrox, then I deserve to die for having an inflated ego.

More often then not, when I'm in a match, they only serve to clear spam. Most good PvP'rs have some kind of AoE or countermeasure causing me to blow a 45 second CD, pretty much rendering me a roaming target. But I'm not going drop everything and dive into a healboat just becasue a handful of people don't like em.
Ok, so you do use an ability that you openly admit is "off". Let me ask you this...why don't you use dispersal pattern alpha instead?