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Originally Posted by saltypineapple View Post
I just hit tier 3 omega and decided to go with the passive regenerative shields as it gives me + 46.1 hit points to shields every second no matter whom I'm fighting. Where as the rotating weapon frequency is only good if your fighting borg.

When I hit tier 3 Romulan I will go for the reactive shielding as I don't feel it necessary with the other ability to have a chance to knock back my enemy.
That's kinda what I was thinking... shields don't get much better than that, and only one of my characters has ANY shield healing ability whatsoever (2 of them if you count the fact that another alt has a full MACO XI set), and those aren't much good either.

Can't remember T3 Romulan off the top of my head, but wasn't that a chance at getting a shield heal if you get hit by a crit?
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