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12-02-2012, 02:58 AM
Just wanted to add my report. Played this for the first time tonight and fell foul of the Tal Shiar kills not registering for Subdue Tal Shiar Agents. Dropped the mission, went back, and it was going to do it again, but I managed to get my away team into passive mode and ran through them to get the mission to update. It was a close run thing though, and certainly not "fixed".

Also, the enemy NPCs in this mission border on the ridiculous. My away team can usually handle itself pretty well against all comers, but we were dropping like flies in this mission. The standard Tal Shiar mobs were firing a weapon that one hit killed three of my BOFFs in one strike. The Hirogen at the top of the hill killed us four times in sucession on the first run, and three times on the second, by which point they had pushed us so far down the hill that we were respawning behind them! Most of the time the Hirogen were killing BOFFs with full health and shields in one round of shots. There's no way that can be right.

This character is why I don't play my Romulan any more. Tovan Khev is NOT my BFF! Get him off my bridge!