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12-02-2012, 03:23 AM
The dailys are just that tho dailys which offer the most space based way for romulan marks. You cant repeat them per hour or whatever like elite stfs for the same amount of marks. Azura neb with a good team (rare when pugging) is 15 marks or so which isnt alot.

So per hour in space missions you earn a heck of a lot more omega marks than you can romulan marks. We need more space missions that arnt dailys which nets you 50 romulan marks a hour or so and a few of these missions not just one so you can play them one after another but have 1 hour cool downs like the elite stfs.

Also please stop bringing up ground i made the thread specifically to discuss the space portion of obtaining rom marks. Which is the problem i want to discuss.

Also yes you could maybe get by the romulan system if all you do is the 2000 and 800 projects but if the zero console is anything to go by then obviously you need ALOT of marks i.e 500 just for the console. What else will need that many that people want. If all you do is space missions then it will take you longer than say if something of equal requirements on the omega side was there. I.e if the zero console for 500 omega marks then you can get that in a reasonable fashion by playing alot of elite stfs in a day or two. You cant really do that for the romulan side as the dailys get you roughly 100 marks or so but the time it takes can be awhile (if you dont do the acamar system). Even then why rely on dailys for the 50 marks on average type of mission to get rom marks, i hate that limit as there isnt a limit like that for 50 marks for omega for comparison (in space).