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Originally Posted by upyournacelles2 View Post
Ok, so you do use an ability that you openly admit is "off". Let me ask you this...why don't you use dispersal pattern alpha instead?
1) Where Tricobalts are concerned, there is no difference between DPA and DPB. They both launch the same number of mines at their respective Ranks.

2) I already had DPB III from a Rare BoFF mission reward.

3) Does DPA III even exist? I've yet to see it. Therefore, does anyone even use it?

In my experience, since I'm not the only one using Tric mines, they're easy to deal with. You sacrifice a lot to make them effective. It's an all or nothing ability you get to use once every 45 seconds. They're easily avoidable and killable, Cruisers and Carriers shield and hull tank these easy enough.

There are a million things broken in PvP that are exploitable to perform beyond their singularly intended effect with no counters whatsoever.

Tric Mines and Dispersal Patterns do what the description says. Even with the new Mine Doff's, they don't really even effect Tric Mines because of the long GCD.

The only potential exploit with trics, and this is only from what I've read, are players in the Termporal Ships using the Tippler Console to refresh their BoFF abilities, allowing them to immediately drop a second DPB Mine net. I haven't experienced this so I can't really comment on it.