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You're off base. As mentioned elsewhere there are 8-10 space patrols that can earn you 60-75 Romulan marks in about 40 minutes, 2 STF's and the Red Alert program. The ground missions are four at level 1, and 1 additional so far at each Tier (I try level 3 tomorrow).

So far with 4 toons leveling every 20 hours, Romulan Marks have not been a problem - even with the Romulan additions to the 'Acamar Timewarp'. My biggest issue is having to make commodities runs to avoid the exchange pirates.

Get your boots dirty. They're not that hard. Except for Mountain Pass. That one vexes me so.

Jolan Tru,

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Nah, you're off base.I earn my patrol daily 75 marks(turn in rep bonus) in about 20 minutes, that's the only reasonably good source for time spent. The red alert is too inconsistent to complete, I might actually get into one about once every 4 days. The "STFs" reward pitiful amounts, and performing better in them only spills over into fleet marks instead of additional Romulan marks,

And no, the Romulan ground content isn't hard at all. It's just unenjoyable.. Why do people that like the ground content always assume when someone dislikes it its because of the difficulty? I want additional space events because the space mechanics don't suck, difficulty has nothing to do with it.