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12-02-2012, 04:54 AM
I just hit tier 3 omega and decided to go with the passive regenerative shields as it gives me + 46.1 hit points to shields every second no matter whom I'm fighting. Where as the rotating weapon frequency is only good if your fighting borg.
How come mine says 4.9 shield points per sec? I did noticed that at some point after rep system was introduced it did said 53 shield points per sec on my fed and 83 shield points per sec on my kdf char (was thinking its really good), but after i reached tier 2 i looked again and it was 4.9 per sec. If it was nerfed somehow then the 4.9 is really insignificant, i had 7.6 shield regen over 4 sec from jem hadar ground armor for some time till i got maco/omega sets and it didnt feel at all. If thats the case, as an omega ground set fan i'll go probably for rotating weapon frequency since i want to use my omega autocarbine for more then just 1-2 burts until borg adapts to it and for romulan tier 3 i'll go for knock back skill since as a tac i got a good crit chance, i am using a pulsewave as secondary wep (might go for a plasma flame thrower al later tiers ) and an enemy on the floor/ground is a non-firing enemy so less damage taken, even if its for 2-3 secs.
Wish we could test this skills on Trible test server, but when i copy my char there the rep system resets, goes to tier 0 and it doesnt seems to be any fix for this bug any time soon

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