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Originally Posted by aquitaine985 View Post
I think what Season 7 did to us all as an entire gaming community, was take out the ability to make new meaningful characters. Gone are the days when you could level a new toon in a weekend, spend Monday night with your friends doing STFs and be all set to start PVPing on the Tuesday. If you want the gear we took for granted then expect a week or two of chasing after marks, dilithium, doing the rep system, then buying MACO shields and stuff.

That all sounds like too much work for me, and i'm sure i'm not alone. Pre-S7 you could make a new toon and get STF drops, but for me that've just taken the re-playability out of the game. Which in itself was a from of endgame content.
And all that's before you even get to the rep passives themselves, at which point it not only discourages making new alts, but even maintaining existing alts that already are geared out. Then to add insult on top of it all, patching out minor shortcuts to the grind like Acamar for the patrol daily seems to take priority and get faster dev response then fixing real issues like known exploits and broken starbase projects.
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