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So that's 57k Dil for something (worse) than what you could pick up in a night's play for free. With the current exchange rate, that's around 509 Zen. For something folks could get for free in a night's play - even with the random chance for Omega/MACO (I had one character with full sets Mk X/Mk XI of Omega/MACO and another without a single drop) - that's going to be over a week on a single toon of Dil farming (where that Dil might have gone to something else) to get to where you could have before.
Yeah this is hitting me too,

In a stroke of genious/stupidity i arranged.. 'transporter accidents' for two of my toons, a ferengi female and leathean, for the episode re-runs in December

Now i have two nice toons.. well one slightly botched one with skills, but it was more a melorazine-test :p,

But getting into stfs.. and the rehash-fleet-reputation rubbish is irritating the life out of me!

Grind some elite stfs (feeling a bit guilty im popping a lot) without the asimilated set or mkx gear, which we have to pay for and essentially wait 3days to BUY the flipping things after the grind is done. After a week? of gate-grind to unlock the ability to buy? GRAHH i really dislike.

i think all im bothering with on these two new toons is the assim engines for faster sector space. can not be bothered with Energy Credit sink that is the repuation system, then paying waaaay too much dilithium for sub-par equipment.

On a pve note, i think this is why it takes ages for a stf pug to begin now (compared to pre S7) and when you get in your blessed with bad players too! ..kage me in jemmy set, 4 other people clueless.

but yeah, not good overall, really dislike reputations, and the fearful thing? i vaugely rember/get the idea that other things, like a dominion/jemhadar repuatation set will be the future. pay dilithium for 'pre stfs sets' that takes a week to get when you could have gotten a better grade, for free, in less time.