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12-02-2012, 07:48 AM
just coming from an ISE.

I warp in, only 4 of us. yay! I say. fortunately by the time we defeat the cube the 5th join in, so I am kinda ashamed for my attitude, and blame the missing person for the long time of taking down the cube.

so we move to the generators, everything works fine, just very slow, and I start to be suspicous. when we couldnt deal with the spheres in time, I check out my team more closely. there are two cat carriers, a heghta and a fleet aquarius. the carriers seem to be built well, however I couldnt se any actual pets other than mine, so they might have forgotten about that feature. the hehgha is a simple heghta, and now I focus on the aquarius, and my heart stops.

at this point it had 18 (!) injuries. it seemed to be built well, but appearantly the user only got advice on how to build the ship, not how to use it. at this point I was not surprised how I am aggroing anything by my mere presence (now that is not a good thing in a Vesta, by the end of the game I had 21 10000+ hits to my ship, which concluded 47k and 32k etc. hits too, so I died a lot due to the lack of help from anybody else). however I still didnt die as much as the rest, which is strange since whenever I was alive, I was the target O.o

still the problems only started with the second transformer down. the spheres come in, and I make a nice little pile with a grav well, send in an iso charge. now if even one (in this case with their low dps I would have needed atleast two) helps me, that group pretty much blows itselfup. however the hegtha now decided he can solo the cube, and from now on it didnt attack nothing else, the carriers were fighting off in the distance with the two spheres that spawn on top of the transformer, and the aquarius was making sure he closed the day with more than 2 dozen injuries. so I obviously sucked it, and got two 17k crits (actually they are not even crits according to the combatlog) and many smaller from the lovely group of spheres.

by the time I could get back, the heghta died, the aquarius managed to die again but before that he scrambled the spheres allover the place with a well placed aggro+evasive manouver combo, and the two carriers... now at this point my faith was in the two carriers. however one of the carriers broke off for the gate (ignoring the dozen spheres), and the other just blew up in front of me. now this one totally destrooyed my faith in them, because that explosion was made by one of them spheres that spawn on top of the transformers, and it was now only one of them, they separated! so I start to hunt down the spheres one by one, aggroing the cube as the heghta does no aggro, and me bing in 10km range is more of a threat, and get a 47k hit so I die.

at respawn I go for the gate, seeing how one carrier concentrates on it, and we kill it fast, when the rest join in. but the spheres and the cube is still left. so one by one I go after the spheres, while the rest get killed by the cube.
and from now on we start fighting one by one with the cube. I tried to wait for the others, but they didnt, so the best I could do, is chose one, and fight with him, and die from critical hits.

we finished real slow, and by then I was totally tired. atleast the loot was good (shield gen and deflector, so I got money )