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Originally Posted by paxottoman View Post
Alright, so we ran some tests in accordance with what Borticus said about Subsystem repair.

A) We found that human passive +20 to subsystem trait does not work.
B) Viral Matrix indeed does in fact countered by points in Sub system repair.
C) Completed a test with the following results:

Six points aka 84 points into subsystem repair gave a 15 second clearance from a Viral Matrix with 84 points and no additional modifiers to the Viral matrix.

Without points into Subsystem repair, the Viral lasted for a total of 22 seconds.

We calculated the diminishing returns on subsystem repair in the event it was at 99 points.

Find "S" subsystem repair with 99 points in it.




15seconds off is 84 points
S=12.25 off Viral with 84 points in it.

S=12.25 seconds to clear Viral with 6 points. A total of 9.75 or just say 10 seconds off the effects of Viral Matrix in terms of comparing to someone that does not have points in subsystem repair.

We also found out that the viral doff that procs, adds an additional 2 seconds to the viral matrix effect. We did not have time to test the effects of subsystem repair, but I would guess it scales the same way minus the decompiler effect.

All tests were conducted with 100% crew.

We concluded that in order to add more of a dynamic feel to it, and without making viral over powered as it appears on these findings we suggest the repairing the human passive "+20 to Subsystem Repair." It is also not recommended to spec into sub system repair if you're running an escort in a team setting as your crew is dead majority of the time and you will not benefit from the points.

Relying on your team mates for engineering team is ideal, but may not be enough with the new spread to other ships doffs.

We ran a test on that as well, but it was more of an organic flow. As in we did not stop and check things as we did with the subsystem repair. However, during the match which was frapsed, vs 3 science ships using the new doffs green quality, I was viraled for 40% of the match duration. Our team ran 2 copies of Engineering team, with their respective doffs to reduce cool downs.

I'm interested in everyone's conclusion in TRH's findings.

Did my own maths on it a while ago, its nice in theory with the 100% crew, but 1 theta and that crew is gone :p

Same for phaser proc duration, not worthwhile imo.