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# 1 KDF armour/kit aesthetics...
12-02-2012, 08:59 AM
Hey guys,

This one has cropped up a few times in the past and it still isn't in the game.

Im curious mainly on what is the general thought about this stuff from Cryptics point of view.

Where are we at with getting armour and kit aesthetics for the KDF faction. They have been missing since game launch and I understand they are not necessarily a priority project but its something that should still be completed.

Are they on a 'to do' list somewhere? Is there a very rough estimated time to when we can expect to see something of them? Or are they simply discarded as a pointless endeavour?

I understand at one point there were talks over using armour aesthetics as more of a costume piece than being tacked to a specific piece of equipment which is something I like. That however was mentioned before the game even went F2P and we havn't heard anything on that since.

Just out curiousity but what is going on with this stuff?