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12-02-2012, 09:13 AM
Hi, I'm just now trying the new EXE & it says it's patching, but the speed is gawd-awful dialup slow. I have DSL so it should be more than able to download anything superfast, BUT NOOOOOOOOOOO. sto MUST download at the slowest speed possible. morons. Why can't they just post the update file somewhere and let each "client" to download the update at our own speeds? Whatever.

Anyways, I thought I'd post what I have from the "patch_trivia" file, just in case the new patch doesn't take.

Trivia PatchProject StartrekClient
Trivia PatchServer
Trivia PatchRedirectServer
Trivia PatchPort 7255
Trivia HttpServer
Trivia HttpPort 80
Trivia HttpPrefix Startrek
Trivia PatchName ST.25.20121118e.10
Trivia PatchBranch 25
Trivia PatchSandbox ST.25.20121118e.0
Trivia PatchRevision 18957
Trivia PatchTime 1354228020
Trivia PatchTimeReadable "2012-11-29 17:27:00"
Trivia PatchIncrementalRevision 18871
Trivia PatchIncrementalFrom 1353322796
Trivia PatchIncrementalFromReadable "2012-11-19 05:59:56"
Trivia PatchCmdLine "-sync -project StartrekClient -server -port 7255 -name ST.25.20121118e.10"
Trivia CoreBranchMapping -2
Trivia PatchBranchName "Season 7"
Trivia PatchExecutable "C:/****/****/Games/Cryptic Studios/Star Trek Online.exe"
So there ya go. Hope the slow-az patch installs. I'll keep you updated whichever way it goes.
Otherwise, I'll go back to playing BGO (Battlestar Galactica) instead.

UPDATE: I did find an updated patch from Perfect World here -
I downloaded the "Patch Update" - Patch 676-679: Released 11/27/12. BUT, it's a .cup file. How/where do you use this???????

Still patching game....

2nd UPDATE: Well, after downloading-installing patch for 3 hours, it crashed. Galdarn good-for-nothing. F-YOU, CRYPTIC.

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