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# 1 Equiping the Peregrine
12-02-2012, 09:26 AM
I just got the playable fighter. It comes with the shuttle-specific "-S" weapons, shields engines, and deflectors. The cannons have a greater targeting arc than standard, so I would be inclined to keep those. The "-S" engine seems pretty good. But:

The torpedoes are about equal to a Mark X on a bigger ship. I can find better ones, or swap for more cannons.

The shields seem terrible - 1887 Max capacity and 62.9 regeneration. I have other shields like the Remen covariant that gives 2557 and 48.4 regeneration.

The deflector seems weak too.

I guess the question is: Is there something magical about "-S" equipment that means I should keep it? What do you STO geniuses equip on your peregrines? And what consoles and devices?