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12-02-2012, 09:46 AM
If you're comparing DPB to Voldemort, that's just sad.

The Rare BoFF's are cheap because they're so easy to come buy. I have like 3 with DPBIII, rotting in my inventory from either old missions or Doff missions. I've already had to dismiss a few because they're taking up space and not even worth putting on the exchange.

I see people use DPB on Tric Mines who aren't specc'd or geared and they do nothing. I shield and hull tank them, in my escort, pop FAW or simply just get out of the way with no issues. You act as if they crit 100% of the time. Since I'm actually specc'd and geared for Trics, I'd be totally fine if Tric Mines didn't crit at all, it's just an added bonus when they do. Heck, I run mostly on Auxilliary power since I have no skill pts into Weapons systems or even consoles for energy weapons. The one advantage to this is, since I rely more on my Tric (torps and mines), energy drain isn't as big of an issue than most other people.

Voldie obviously needed immediate fixing and had been around a long time. It was gamebreaking.

When I'm in PvP up against mass SNB Doffs, Plasmonic Leech, 2x Aceton Assimilators, Siphon Drone spam, AMS(on both sides) and cocky, tea-bagging Jem Bugs, I deal with it, finish the match and move onto the next one. I try to learn from em, adapt and mess with different builds. I fly all kinds of ships and spec accordingly. Eventually some specs won't work anymore and I try a different one.

Back in July, Borticus even discussed the possibility of eliminating Dispersal Patterns, altogether and linking them to HYT and TS, which at rank III are only LtCmr Boff abilities. Just consider how little a player sacrifices for that when they get to keep APOIII or CRFIII if this ever happens. I'm sure by then, Cryptic will have nerfed Trics into uselessness again.

I've used other mines but never really geared for em. I've always used Trics, mostly Torps, even before HYT and TS effected them. Back when they patched it so Dispersal Patterns worked for Tric Mines, well, since Tric Consoles buff both, I didn't have to purchase more expensive gear for them. It didn't always work but I enjoyed playing different builds that were, imo, more fun and diverse than everyone optimizing for Cannons and Quantum Torpedo Spread III.

As for the Tippler Console, DPB, itself is not the exploit, but the ability to bypass the CD and deploy two in a row and since it can only be done on the Temporal ships, it might be considered an exploit. But then again, the console has what? a 3 min CD? So, again, I don't really have an opinion on that.

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