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12-02-2012, 10:59 AM
the less of the "toy consoles" you use, is usually better for maxing the 1 you do.

for the vesta, the def dish beam is a great tool. its possibly the only sci shield drain ability in the game worth trying to implement in your build. to max that out you dont want to use those aux cannons, because the beam draws on your aux power for the drain.

my advice would be that, on a tac captain or sci captain, that you think of flying your vesta like a big escort. as pax mentioned above, once a shield facing is down, a good escort pilot will chew through that hull really quick.

for an engie captain in the vesta, id say forget it......use the intrepid if you want an engie sci setup. that is if you don't have the recluse. that ship is made for being the rock in PVP.

have fun kill bad guys