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# 6 Hello From Pax Infinitus
12-02-2012, 10:37 AM
Hello to everyone from Pax Infinitus:

With Season 7 in full swing. I wanted to take a chance to give yall some info on what we are up to. Pax Infinitus is a division of the Pax Gaming Community and as such we are very active in supporting the player. We strive to keep an open drama free environment. We are open to all play styles, and we welcome everyone from the casual to hard core player. The Pax Gaming Community has stood the test of time as we have been going strong for over 12 years. We have active divisions across several games to include but not limited to Star Trek Online, Star Wars the Old Republic, Rift, Eve online, Planet Side 2, and Guild Wars 2. We also have a very strong division that play traditional table top games such as D&D. We are always looking to the future of gamming and are constantly improving the community to meet the new gamming environment. Please feel free to check us out at for further information.
Pax Infinitus is now actively in the stages of setting up a server wide community event. We are planing to run the new 20 man events in game in both role play set up to a run and gun grinding set up. We are very excited about this project, and hope to see lots of our fellow STO players join us for the event. We are looking to start this event during the month of January and hope to be able to continue them throughout the year.
As always we are continuing to build our star base for not only our Federation fleet but or KDF fleet as well. For this reason we have been running several fleet mark event runs throughout the week, and we always are open to more players.
Pax Infinitus is always looking for new membership. We are open to all play styles from the casual to hard core gamer. We are extremely supportive for all members of the Fleet and continue to offer new and exciting ways to enjoy the game. As a member of Pax Infinitus you will be a member in good standing with the Pax Gamming Community, and as such it will allow you to take advantage of everything the Pax Community has to offer. Please feel free go and look at and see what the Pax Community has to offer you. If you have any questions you can PM me here on the STO forums, and or in game @BIG-BEAR. I will always be open to helping you any way I can.

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