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12-02-2012, 12:25 PM
From the time this was fired to the time that my ship was destroyed must have been less than a half of a second.

I didn't even see the torpedo and I was facing the Cube.

[Combat (Self)] Tactical Cube deals 47873 (223910) Kinetic Damage to you with Plasma Torpedo - Heavy III.

One shot kill, no torpedo visible, no reaction time for the player.

This was with 70% shields, full hull (45,831 hull - 2k short, lol!) - base 30% kinetic resistance with 9.5K shield per facing, EPTS 1 with 90 power to shields, MACO MK XII Shield, etc.

Does it make sense from an encounter design standpoint to force all ships to use AoE attacks against large single targets?

At this point I'm switching every ship to CSV over CRF or loading up multiple copies of Weapon Power devouring BFAW just so I can deal with Borg 200k+ to 300k Torpedoes.

Bort, I urge you to please reconsider one shot kill abilities like this that limited to smaller window of opportunity or firing arc on the part of the NPCs.

360 degree, one hit kill, spammable powers do not fit that definition.

Elite STFs would be much better served if the high end of NPC damage capabilities were brought down but their low end & median damage abilities were pushed higher - this helps create a role space for ships like Cruisers and Sci Ships.

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