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12-02-2012, 11:45 AM
ive lost count of the number of times a vesta and i have dueled and it has tried to use all 4 of its console powers on me in succession for them to do little for him and end up geting him killed. its like the were missing something, any sort of min maxed bite, they were push overs. i know at least that purple push field would be great in pve situations, pushing probes away and sending big damage kinetic back to the target.

its sad to see so many BAD vesta builds, with the station setup it has, you actually have to think, theres a wide variety of things you can do, but that doesn't mean you try to do everything. you focus on 1 type of tactic, and maximize that tactic like never before with the help of the varied stations. the vesta, and odesy and vets ship, have allowed for the all time worse builds ever to grace STO, but when done right they can be the most effective ships.

if your vesta isn't a spike damage, movement control boat, your proboly doing it wrong. EWP, runabouts, and your own tractor beam should make your ability to hold absolute. then your MORE then sufficient 12 turn should have no trouble using DHCs.
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