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Originally Posted by virusdancer View Post
I had posted this in another thread, but nobody commented (heh, I actually killed the thread with this post) - I was going to edit it, but never did - but here's the edit:

MME Strategic

Engineer Captain:
RSF, MW, EPS PT, Nadion, EFleet

Traits: Accurate, Elusive, Techie, Warp Theorist

Romulan: +3% Crit, PlacOnCrit, SciBoost
Omega: Hull Repair, KineticProc


EPtS1, AtB1, RSP2
ET1, AtB1

ST1, HE2, PH3, VM3

DOFFs: 2x Tech, 2x Projectile, 1x VM Add

Deflector: AKHG
Engine: AKHG
Shield: MACO

Fore: Hyper-Plasma Torp, Omega Plasma Torp, Plasma Torp
Aft: Kinetic Beam, 2x Plasma Torp

Tac: 3x Ambiplasma
Eng: SIF, 2x Neut
Sci: Wave-Function, Zero-Point, Borg, Graviton

Hangar: Advanced Delta Flyers

Devices: RMC, SFM, Aux Battery

Set Bonuses
Romulan: +7.6% Plasma Dmg, +15.2 EPS
Omega: 1% Reactive Deflection
AKHG: +25% Torp Dmg, +7 Aux Pwr, +7 Crew Recover, +70% Crew Resist

So the question arises, how completely fail would this be in your opinions?

Should switch to mines and pick up a dispersal pattern. Your tech doffs are making your two torp abilities redundant anyhow