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Originally Posted by upyournacelles2 View Post
Should switch to mines and pick up a dispersal pattern. Your tech doffs are making your two torp abilities redundant anyhow
It was a situational thought in taking both THY and TS - wondering if the MEF would add DEF to the THY Plasma. I could definitely see dropping the THY for a DPB - along with dropping one of the torps for mines.

I'll think about that with some of the ships I actually have - instead of those I just think about getting down the line. Thanks.

Originally Posted by thishorizon View Post

as long as your focus with that build is healing and pet control, here would be my small adjustments:

drop the high yield for a second spread.

drop the polarize hull for tss3.

have fun kill bad guys
In the original post, I said that I'd normally go Trans instead of Plasma (changing consoles, etc as necessary) - but the gist of it is a high survivability torp boat using S7 toys.

I do not have a Vesta, but it's a tempting ship - that I could see getting down the line to dork around with as a torp boat.

With it, though, I ruled out TSS pretty early (part of the reason it's an Eng captain instead of a Sci). I feel naked without APO or PH - there's no APO, so I all but feel I have to sport PH. That left the decision in the build of ST3/ST1 vs. PH3/PH1. Since the ST would mainly be for the cleanse rather than the shield heal - PH3 crept in there (with all the talk about shields down pop, pop, pop - being able to keep PH up as much as possible for both movement and hull resistance - oh well).

It's a case of trying to maximize that plasma damage, hull damage - and being annoying. Part of the reason for the Deltas over the Danubes - Tach beam, Phaser Procs, and Trans torps.

It's an attempt at an outlast build - their disabled systems, hull burning away, random placates. Yeah, an attempt at an annoying build.
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