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12-02-2012, 12:54 PM
Originally Posted by upyournacelles2 View Post
I see...

It's tough to argue with someone who flips back and forth on the very points he's made and continuing to argue that I have a problem with tric's when I've said twice now that my issue isn't with tric's, but a broken ability that buffs tham, so ill just leave you to your aux powered FAW/scort that obviously relies on tric crits to kill people. Not sure exactly why it's so hard for you to spec for surviveability when you say you have no points into energy and you're obviously not running energy weapon damage with FAW and aux power. That setup sounds kind of like a bad joke, and if your trolling me, I have to tip a hat to you and say GG sir, you got me.

As far as your problem with jem bugs to, perhaps you ought to run a good escort build before you to bashing on them any farther. I doubt you see many bug FAW/scorts running tric mines that do much good for their team. Maybe you think there so OP because the setup your running is so underpowered?
Heh to me what was really funny was he stealth edited to remove where he called Voldy an exploit ... so not only was the whole thing derailed into are trics w/APs OP or not he had to edit out calling Voldy and exploit

Which has been my whole point and I can't believe people won't admit using knowingly using bugs which provide an advantage is exploiting, griefing, and cheating. I can believe Cryptic wants to save face for being too cheap to police it, but other players ...