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12-02-2012, 01:26 PM
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Originally Posted by JCSWW
Today's event started off with Hive Onslaught Elite. Not too far in, we lost one and that made the rest plenty more difficult. Death after death from consistantly one-shotting Borg Pickles hitting up to 201,000! D: I'd definitely call that a lack of balance that takes away from the fun of running it. In the end, the four of us left got through it successfully, even getting the optional for keeping one alive when facing the Queen.

After a short restocking of Regenerators, we tried to move on to a 2 VS 2 PvP space match. Unfortunately, the game had other ideas and trapped me in a never-ending load screen. Exiting the game and logging back in got me a 10 second countdown to being booted from the match. Attempt one... FAIL! Everyone exited the match and we tried to create it again. Upon pressing start, it kept saying the match was already queued. The match never started so we had to clear another one off. Attempt two... FAIL! Trying one last time, things seemed to work until the match started. The teams weren't as they were when the match was launched, putting me on Z's team and Winters on Allerka's when it should have been Allerka and Z against Witners and myself. The match was a great one though and very close. Z and I had to work together to get that one extra kill to win the match. Great job, everyone! That was one of the best PvP matches that weren't one-on-one in a very long time.

2 VS 2 - Cracked Planetoid

Thank you to everyone who attended today's and this weekends events! I hope to see you all again soon!
JC should be back posting next weekend as his ban ends mid Friday afternoon.