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...specifically for new Alts and NEW PLAYERS.

The days when you levelled a new toon friday to sunday, then ran a few STF's to outfit them with good gear sunday night to monday, and new alt was ready to go PvP on Tuesday are gone, we're probably not going to get those days back.

With five of eight sets locked irretrievably behind time-gated rep-system treadmills, one locked behind a dilithium wall imposed on Crafting, and two that are considered less-optimal choices but are currently still available fairly quickly, the question is:

How to avoid the repgrinding treadmill for new Alts and new Players, yet still become viable in open (Que'd) PvP?

i.e.: Good builds to use the Breen, Jem'Hadar, and maybe Aegis sets, ways to utilize the Fleet systems, etc. for those who've gotten sick of STFs, have no use for New Romulus and it's kandy-koated kontent...

I'm not sorry, the Rep system is a total PITA and I'm looking for ideas to 'get around' it-to avoid the treadmill and actually bring the focus back to having fun, with my friends and with strangers, Playing the game instead of grinding endlessly.
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