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Originally Posted by wuusta View Post
Hi everybody, after leveling to 40 I received my first battle cruiser! Now I'm just wondering what build I should use. I am currently a level 47 Tactical Klingon, I used to fly a tier 3 Bop, then I flew the Mirror Qin raptor. I do have a idea of the build though:

Front weapons: 2 Torps, 2 beam array. ( Planning on using disruptor, and quantum/plasma )
Rear weapons: 4 beam arrays. ( Planning on using disruptor )
Science Console: Ideas please.
Engineering Console: Ideas please.
Tactical Console: Weapons energy damage+. ( Maybe a Torp Chamber )

Tactical Ensign: Beam Fire at Will I.
Tactical Lt.: Beam Fire at Will I, Torpedo Spread II.
Science Lt.: Polarized Hull I, Hazard Emitters II.
Engineering Lt. Cmd: Emergency Power to Shields I, Engineering Team II , Reverse Shield Polarity II.
Engineering Cmd: Engineering Team I , Engineering Team II, Emergency Power to Shields III, Eject Warp Plasma II.

Please give me any suggestions, if you think some of my abilties/weapons/gear could be improved thank you all!

The Vorcha's got something no Starfleet cruiser has, it's called "Turn rate", and makes it viable to mount cannons. It also has something else no STF cruiser save the Gal.X has:

The ability to mount DHC's in the nose, AND the abilty to actually get them on target.

That said...

You should trade the extra copy of FAW for TT1 if you don't like spending time in respawn hell, (PvP) or if you don't like being in boarding-party hell (STFs) with all your abilities going haywire and your shields dropping.

TT1 clears boarding parties AND automates shield redistribution to put your thickest shield facings toward the incoming damage. When triggered WITH (in concert) EPTS, it's a faster shield heal as well.

I'd suggest trading your second copy of ETII for another shield boost, or Extend-people LIKE it when teammates toss them some shielding, healing your teamies makes them smile and look upon you with favour-which is darn useful when that Fedball decides they really, really want to take you down first, or when the Cubes and Probes are going all gods-and-punks on your cruiser-driving backside.

You're obviously going for "Draw fire" here, so boosting your shields is a must-hull-tanking only gets you so far, and you're a tac, which means you don't have the built-in toughness buffs that an Engie does (refrequence shields, miracle worker, etc.)

so you need to put some effort into survival skills, and some into maximizing your damage output-which Beams just...don't.

trade out one Beam array for DBB, and one for DHC, your damage output will go up, a LOT.

EVEN without cannon boosting BOFF skills.

for DOFF stations, you want to mount a couple Torp. officers (speeds your reload time) and Shield or Conn officers (one helps with shield abilities, one with turn-rates...) though there is one that shortens your cooldowns for Bridge officer abilities you may want to consider using instead.
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