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12-02-2012, 03:36 PM
Blah blahs.. /lesigh

i wonder how popular a mmo would be if all they did was skip the story skip pretty much everything even travel and just spawn you in a large square room with rows of NPC's each with a quest to which after accepting it you would spawn in another square room with the required things you either need to collect or kill.

don't even put quest text in.. just say You are required to kill/collect X number of X

then after hitting max level give you a HORRAY message that flashes the screen like what happens when you win minesweeper and your character is deleted and you start all over again.

OP do you believe that would be the bestest mmo evar?

oh and for PVP just spawn everybody in the same square room all with equal gear and have them go at it until the last man is standing. simple. balanced and impossible to complain about.