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12-02-2012, 02:42 PM
1. Fix the holes in the games programming. Get a grip on your Bugs, develop a real plan to resolve them, and then put it into action. It's just code FFS.

2. Stop adding more currencies to the game than is necessary. Also, fix your ZEN denominations so they make sense, why do things cost 125 and 475 when you sell it in values of 500, 1,000, etc? Stop being facetious. Make it easier and more streamlined and people will gladly buy more. Sick of looking at 100 ZEN i'll never use because of this.

3. No more Reputation Systems, period. It's 100% Fail.

4. You need instances with drops, the incredibly rare kind, only obtainable therein. Make sets for them or not, either way you need more random chance for the good stuff and less setting timers for anything to get done/get endgame gear. Nyerk your nyerking timers and cooldowns.

5. Get rid of Lobi Crystals system, give decent amount of DIL instead and add those items to the DIL store. Again, too much crap everywhere.