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Originally Posted by doomicile View Post
I take it you fly a Jem Bug.

Cryptic's answer seem to make them available to everyone by putting them in reinforcement packs every so often.

They have the same hull strength as a cruiser. 4 Engie slots to stack Neutronium. 5 Tac slots to hit like a truck. The Jem set to strip shields, making cruisers glass...well just glass, let alone escorts. They have the highest turn rate of any fighter without any RCS consoles. But again, I deal with them.

I merely tried to point out the difference between a bug and an exploit pertaining to the Voldemort and in general.

You seem to come here with a vendetta in response to my post because I must have popped you in a recent match and you manage to put 2 and 2 together or you merely saw my sig, which I've had since S2.

I admit the crit is off in that they shouldn't all crit at once and I'm sure the devs will address it but I don't rely on crits and crits aren't guaranteed. I took mines, simply because they made Tric work with DPB. Just like they made Tric Trops work with HYT and TS. I don't care if you don't like my build and think it's a joke.

I'm an Engineer and at one point, tanking was viable in PvP, then Tacs whined Damage was too low. Resists were too high. So one got buffed and one got nerfed, across the board. Again, if they removed Mine crits altogether, I'll still be blowing people out of the sky. OP? No. Just a different way of playing. It's not just dropping mines whenever DPB is up and going HAHA, timing is involved just like coming up on your target within 5km with 10 different buffs on your Cannons.

I see it more as a demolitionist. Engineers are the only class that get pigeonholed into healing because they don't bring anything else to the table. Yet a Tac and Sci Cap can heal equally as well but noone rolls them for healing.

There are some who don't agree and there are some, who don't even use mines who think they're fine because they don't let themselves get hit by them. I hope the Mod will close this thread already.
Give it up already. You know bugs and exploits aren't mutually exclusive. It's why you have to edit when you wrote Voldy is an exploit. Yes there are bugs that aren't exploits and there are exploits that aren't bugs, but this doesn't exclude from some bugs being exploits. Nor does it forgive Cryptic's cheap bs policy of not policing exploited bugs.