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12-02-2012, 03:00 PM
Ok, i'll share my vesta build here.
It's very effective, so far nobody was able to beat it in 1v1 and in most pugmades.

TSS1 Tiken1 Energy Siphon2 Energy Siphon3

Fore Weapons: 3 Polaron dual cannons (not dual heavy, but dual) mk xii accx3
Aft Weapons: 2 Polaron turret mk xii accx3, 1 polaron beam array for target subsystem

Power levels: 50-25-25-100

Sci consoles: 2 flow capacitors consoles, tachiokinetic converter, zero point romulan
Tac consoles: 4 polaron consoles
Eng consoles: a neutronium and a rcs

Doffs: 3 damage control engineer, 1 energy siphon doff, 1 nurse

Set: 2pcs Omega + Maco Shield

The survivability of this build is due to the fact that you end up with all 4 subsystems with >100 power for 46 seconds every minute, and that combined with a full aux tss and aux2sif grants a good damage resistance. Engine power is also high, allowing you to escape if heavily damaged.

With two energy siphon + doff + fully decompiled target subsystem + polaron proc, your opponent often will have 2 or 3 subsystems offline and a very low defense value, that allows you to crit a lot with your dual cannons accuracy overflow.
It's worth saying that when you crit a shot with a dual cannon, also tetryon glider and dem will crit.
Even a bug with 9 points in power insulators is harmless against you.

Try yourself and let me know