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Originally Posted by sollvax View Post
Depends on the BO doesn't it
but frankly the lock box ships are mostly rubbish
A "winter package" (AKA "lock box") built around a BO?

That would have to be one amazing BO. Like efficent captain 10x or something.

Then everyone would cry P2W (pay-2-win) and how Starbase 24 is now screwed up by the new BO and PvP has been completely ruined.

If you make a slightly better than ho hum BO then the amount of participation in the event will be mediocre and the event becomes just a basic give away rather than a big thing.

Depends on what STO devs are trying to achieve.

From what Q says a new BO seems quite possible. Maybe this won't be a big event thing, just a way to spend a little time and to have some laughs.

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