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12-02-2012, 03:19 PM
I agree. It one thing to get hit on bare hull. Or if you already have weak shileds or hull. But to be %100 on both and just Die? And to be 14k out from any hostile not under threat and just suddenly explode like you hit your abandon ship or something. Thats bugged. I have had that happen 4 times wher I hit evasive got out of range of any target. Healed up to %100 turn to start back in to fight and suddenly explode. Look at the log and see that a torp chased me all the way out and hit right through my shields for like 300k. There was a post from a DEV saying that no one should be getting one-shotted except for mabye by the Lance . And that the damage numbers we are posting are way to high. Also said that Tac cubes and the queen and other "boss" enimies shot not be able to Crit. And that he would "look into it" well after the patch on the 29th it's still happening.