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12-02-2012, 03:20 PM
Originally Posted by stoleviathan99 View Post
I don't want another ship. Another ship won't entice me. The only other ship I'm interested in is the Venture.

I don't care that much about the ships at the end of the day and I really couldn't be persuaded to care about them any more beyond improving the ones I have.
Outside of the Tuffi Freighter, flown for its usefulness and cheaper commodities, I don't have any of the ultra-rare or even the mirror ships.

Like you ships don't do much for me. The free ones get the Dilithium grinding job done, abeit a little more work and a lot less niftiness.

Spending $200 to $300 USD for a single character ship unlock seems outragous to me.

Not to mention you can buy most ultra-rare ships off the exchange for <100M EC, or $85.94 USD if you spend the Zen to buy Fleet Support packs and resell them on the Exchange for EC.

Still $86 for ONE ship seems pretty outrageous to me. That's 4 9-month-old brand new XBox 360 games.

Though for other people $86 to $300 USD per ship is just fine for them. It all depends on personal perception.

I would pay money though for an LTS. But not $200 or $300. I would try my hand at winter packages lotto though and see if I get lucky.