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Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
hey virus, you got those 2 special rep plasma torps, omega and rom, whats their deal anyway?
Nope, don't have them. This post though, got me very interested in the Omega one:

Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
The Omega Torpedo is kind of a unique mechanic...

Firstly, it's basic fire is a smaller version of the Unimatrix vaporizing torpedo. If it kills a target, I don't believe it derezzes them (it may, I haven't checked).

The unique aspect of this, is that the Torpedo uses an ammo-like mechanic. It has a very low recharge time (2sec) but a limited number of charges that will slowly regenerate over a longer period of time. So you can, theoretically, quickly unload a barrage of these torpedoes all in a very short time frame, but will then have a long period of time before you can do the same again while you wait for the charges to regenerate.

The Spread and High Yield versions of these torpedoes don't use the Ammo mechanic, but they will consume the enhancement when fired, so you won't be able to fire multiple Spreads or High Yields in short succession.

The Spread is just a volley of the standard torpedoes.

The High Yield version of this torpedo is much closer to the ones employed by the Unimatrix ships, and will definitely derez any targets that they destroy.
With the Hyper-Plasma, it's been the case of looking for the 2-set bonus without the experimental beam... haven't seen anything on the actual torp though. It could be complete garbage.

edit: Keep in mind they're both T4 - 60k Rep - that's 21 runs of both the 2000 and the 800.

Originally Posted by thishorizon View Post
but this is very selfish in my opinion.

to be an engineer captain with so many self only abilities like PH.... when a full aux tss3, either for you, or a teammate makes you way more of an asset to the team, and its better even when you want to be selfish honestly.

also, Delta offers an amazing resist. now, couple that, with the ability to throw that tss3 and delta, on yourself or a teammate....

get where im going here?

edit: also, of you want an annoying build, you need to start off with a sci captain.
Like I said, I won't run a ship without APO or PH (often having both of them). Of course, until looking at this build - I'd never have thought to take PH3. It's usually PH1 on the second Sci, TSS/HE on the primary..

It's something to think about though - ST3 (would have to get somebody else to train it) would be more "team friendly". One of the concerns with it being the Aux2Batt build though - would be the amount of Aux available (even with batteries, etc, etc). TBH, even the ST's only there for a selfish reason - as a cleanse.

But yeah, I definitely come to ship design in a more selfish manner. I live(d) in PUGland - and even there, with a preference for C&H over Arena. So there's a lot of you have to look after yourself.

Would definitely recommend that for a team - cause yeah, it's massively selfish - and I probably should have stated that when I typed it out.

As for APD - I don't fly a Vo'quv without it - but it I generally don't roll healers (it's just too painful in PUGland - the same folks that never distribute, don't use TT, etc, etc that you see while leveling the toon are the same folks you see PvPing in PUGland)...

With the Sci being more annoying than the Eng - I wouldn't argue that in the least. However, for this potential build - surviving to be annoying, to me, is important - just wouldn't get that from a Sci. Again, PUGland...not on a team...etc, etc, etc. On a team, I'd definitely roll Sci to be annoying.

Prior to the release of the Vesta, I'd been considering a Nebula. Depending on how things go with the Winter Event ship (Chel Brett, eh? Crossfaction Breen Sci? Maybe? Could be? Now that would be a fun ship to fly with a Sci to be annoying - 4 days until the event supposedly starts - will see)... but depending on how that goes, I might actually shell out for the Vesta as a Christmas present to myself. One of the reasons I've been watching for builds folks had, the discussions on it, etc - many of which have talked about the complicated nature of the ship - the oodles of fail builds and the pop, pop, pop there it goes...
I'm just another poster on the forums with my own ideas and opinions.

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