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Mission Incomplete.
After running this mission about 7 times without success, and reading through all the so-called "fixes", I've found a reliable way to get this mission to complete every time.

The problem is this: When you start the mission you only have two objectives. As you're making your way up the pass you have a Romulan group that runs down towards you. If you attack this group BEFORE you get an updated list of objectives, the "Subdue Tal'Shiar agents" objective will not complete.
The reason this happens is that whoever designed this mission put the trigger to update your objectives at about the same point that you'd encounter that first group. Since most players kill first and then move on, it's possible to screw this step up every time if you don't understand how triggers and such works.

The key to finishing this mission is to continue moving up towards the base until you see your objectives update. THEN kill that first group.