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Originally Posted by tacofangs View Post
I'm sorry you had trouble with that. This was likely done by an environment artist who was detailing the map, noticed a 'good' spot to stick a crate, and shoved it in there. I guarantee it was not done in some intentional, malicious way to trap you there. While someone should have tested falling in there, and getting out, that may have been overlooked.
Either way, it doesn't matter. If I can find the map for this I will fix it. Can you please describe further where this is located specifically?

I do believe it's this one

It's near the end(the box pit) right around the 'protect the high council' part. This is also where you will notice the outside part you need to traverse is not at all finished(completely untextured) and the final room with jmpok in it is very hard to find as you need to climb a ramp in this confusing area to get there.