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There's a lot of long hair love in this thread already so I want to point out a couple of styles that are on the shorter side that I think the game is missing --

Graduated Bob - There's already a bob in the game that I guess you could say is graduated, but it's way way too short to be considered the proper length of an inverted or graduated bob in my book.

This is a longer graduated bob I would like to see.

This is a more typical length: the Bekham Bob.

Here's a side view of a graduated bob for better comparison.

Again, since artists are not necessarily all about hair I want to point out that what makes a graduated bob "graduated" is the diagonal cut of the hair that eventually leads up to layered hair in the back like so.

Wavy Bob - There's an extreme lack of wavy hair in STO. So much so that actually, I don't know where to begin. But since I'm on the topic of bobs, I might as well throw in a wavy bob like so.

There's also unusual hybrids of style and length that end up making very futuristic looks (and dare I say fitting for a futuristic MMO?) like this ultra-long bob style.

On the topic of shoulder length hair though, black female styles are extremely poorly represented. Where's this relaxed afro in game?

The Pouf Ponytail is modern, aggressive, and dare I say a heroic pony tail that not only says get out of my way -- it says get out of my way with style!

And please don't forget that the tail can be doing different things on a pouf ponytail, like this waviness going on!

I'm sure more ideas will come to me.
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