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In a way this demonstrates a disconnect between conventional forms of entertainment and online gaming. Books, TV shows, big-screen feature films... they all present entertainment which many people can experience, either by themselves or together, just like online gaming, and yet online gaming, by its very nature manages to encourage the audience to not even give the story a second thought.

I'd like to point out an old Nintendo game, Dragon Warrior. While not as in-depth and pretty as Final Fantasy, it presented an epic story, filled with leveling and finding cool things. However, the way it was presented, your thoughts were more on what was happening and what you were doing than it was on what you would get after you did it and it was over.

Yes... it was a single player game. But nothing says that the same sort of FEEL canot apply to a multiplayer experience.

I agree with the OP. The way Cryptic approaches New Romulus in terms of full exposition of its plotline regardless of playstyle, leaving the storytelling essentially limited to the before and after elements of each stage or tier, pretty much gives those who are interested in the plot more than they are about loot and "dinging" the next progress point the opportunity to just enjoy it.

It IS something they got right. Truth be told, if Dilithium/Mark/ costs and lockout timers on progression unlocks were the norm from the beginning, they quite possibly Season Seven would be considered to be the best installment so far from a plot perspective... I think the real problem was that Seasons Six and Seven were to drastic a change too suddenly from how the game was before to how it is now. Had it been given a transitional period where they faded from one mode to the next rather than just switching from one to the other, I think it would not have been seen as such a bad thing.

If you've been asleep in a dark room and someone turns the light on and throws a bucket of cold water on you, what sort of reaction will they get from you. They may laugh when you sit bolt-upright in bed, squinting against the glare and screaming from the shock, but then you're likely to get an earful... Too bad that PWE didn't learn SOE's lesson. When they changed Star Wars Galaxies over night to something that was almost a polar opposite of what it originally was, they lost 75% of their subscribers. You don't make drastic changes to a game that has been running for more than a year and expect the majority to just go along with it.

Here's hoping that any future changes will be far more moderate. But they should maintain their interconnected plotline per season approach.
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