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On 1 December 2012 CVN-65 USS Enterpriseis aka the big E is now Inactivation after 50 years of service. but the name USS Enterpriseis will live on. CVN-80 USS Enterpriseis The ship is currently scheduled to replace the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower CVN-69. but the next us navy ship named Enterpriseis will not see service till 2027.

so like in star trek the name USS Enterpriseis will always live on

starfleet starship named Enterprise NX-01 to NCC-1701-F. 8 ship
US NAVY ship named Enterprise 8 Ships. with the ninth ship to come.

Old soldiers never die they just fade away.
CVN-65 USS Enterpriseis has been that old soldiers never die. and now she is fadeing a way till the next USS Enterpriseis CVN-80 is called into service.

rest in peace
CVN-65 U.S.S. Enterpriseis