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# 1 Wells popping up everywhere?
12-02-2012, 09:23 PM
I don't know if this is Azure nebula related; first time I've seen it, anyway.

Basically, though, Wells-class NPC starships with phasers (instead of AP weapons?) were popping up willy-nilly all over the map.

The most I saw at once was three or four, but occasionally one would despawn just to spawn another.

The combat log didn't provide any hints, but they aren't simply for show:

[Combat (Other)] Wells Class's Phaser Array dealt 424 (493) shield damage to Tholian Orb Weaver.
[Combat (Other)] Wells Class deals 55 (548) Phaser Damage to Tholian Orb Weaver with Phaser Array.

They didn't seem to follow any player; they just hung around and occasionally, you'd find three or four Wells class starships hanging around shooting at the Tholians.

Oddest thing ever.