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# 8 New Romulus Report
12-02-2012, 09:11 PM
*Open transmission to Starbase 39-Sierra*
To: Admiral T'nae, Combatant Commander, UFPROMCOM (T'nae@audioGoddess)
Subject: New Romulus Status Report

Jolan tru, Admiral! As instructed, I am sending you a preliminary report on the situation down here on Mol'Rihan. Admiral Valoth sends his regards and thanks you for sending him the uniform he left in your quarters. Commander Twimek, the Reman exchange officer aboard USS Lord English, is moving all his belongings into a new apartment in the Reman city, so we will remain here a while longer before returning to Captain Kurland and UFPCARCOM. As for the situation here on New Romulus...

Relations between the New Romulans and the Federation are touch and go, but on the whole, the Unificationists are receptive to our overtures. Curiously, they are also receptive to the overtures of the Klingon Empire as well. Barring the usual Klingon-Federation War tensions, cooperation between Starfleet and KDF personnel are also cordial. Recommend additional FDC personnel to staff the Federation embassy on New Romulus to facilitate diplomatic efforts.

New Romulus is unusually rich in previously unknown lifeforms and specimens. The New Romulans would like us to collect as many samples as we can for further research. I will be including a few samples in this message for your scrutiny. Also, there is a small mammalian creature here known as the epohh which is popular with all the personnel here on New Romulus; recommend further investigation/potential to replace tribbles as decoration on fleet starbases.

Construction of the New Romulan city is proceeding apace. The Remans are also involved in the construction of their own separate yet adjacent section of the city. The equipment here is prone to breaking down however. Embassy construction is also going apace. Otherwise, nothing to say other than to keep construction supplies flowing.

Military situation on New Romulus is at threat level 3. Reports have come in of Tal Shiar at the Vastam Peaks, Hirogen hunters in the Paehhos Crater, and Tholian raiders at the Hwael Ruins. The New Romulans are increasingly relying on Starfleet and Imperial personnel to defend their citizens. Please forward this to Starfleet Command for a final decision, as without direct orders, the Starfleet personnel assigned to New Romulus keep exposing themselves to injury.

The Hwael Ruins on New Romulus are an archaeologist's dream, with artifacts from the Romulan Sundering, the vanished Dewan civilization, and something which the archaeologists describe as "Old as balls". Excavation of the ruins are being held up by Tholian raids, so progress is slow, and the situation will not be safe for anyone from the Archaeological Council or Ambassador Picard for quite some time.

The Tal Shiar have concluded an agreement with the Hirogen concerning New Romulus, putting them on the track to become another True Way. This is even more dangerous as the Tal Shiar are skilled infiltrators; security forces have already caught Tal Shiar infiltrators outside the embassy. Federation vessels in the area should employ stringent security measures before receiving personnel.

As stated above, Starfleet personnel are being subject to disruptor wounds, tetryon exposure, and radiation burns. Just as bad, though, are the wild animal attacks. Did you know there is an insect here called the virhranen with stingers long and fine enough to pierce through Mk. XI polyweave armor? Recommend more medical supplies.

Starfleet officers are assisting the New Romulans with the colonial supplies they need out of pocket. The New Romulans are still wary of allowing outsiders from the Federation and the Empire settle permanently, however. No recommendations.

Got an extremely good deal on Romulan ale. Will send a bottle your way for your next reception.

New Romulus is still too dangerous for field trips from Starfleet Academy. Please send Professor Meyer my apologies, as I know he was champing at the bit for cadets to scan radiation for their thesis papers.

Several Romulan and Reman military personnel have shown willingness to assist Starfleet officers in battle, for a small price. Perhaps with the aid of the silvery tongued devils at the FDC, we can get these personnel to become a more permanent, or at least cheaper and more easily accessible, part of Starfleet tactics.

In the meantime, I will be returning to the Lord English and to DS9 to meet with Admiral D'Vak. Hopefully we will meet again at the next SB39 trade conference. In the meantime, take care.

Vice Admiral Remus Lee
Commanding Officer, USS Lord English