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12-02-2012, 09:15 PM
Originally Posted by suaveks View Post
It's especially annoying when there are Large Hypos or other items that are required for the reputation system equipped on character. The game prioritizes personal devices as a source for these items for some reason, and then when I slot some new ones they appear in completely different tab.

Same goes for batteries in space, or even simple switching of items.
YEP!!! I have the same problem when i use the rep system!! AND i find it annoying!!!

Originally Posted by obertheromulan View Post
The ground ability tray seams to have lost the ability to remember which Device slot was assigned to where.
Every time I move a Device around, or after using an Enviro suit and going back to MACO,
I have to go through all the tabs looking where the hell things where put.
I bunch of my friends also found this very frustrating. It worked fine before Season 7 hit.

Can we please get this fixed?
Yep, I i hate how the Tray resets itself all the time, and also, has anyone noticed some lag from the tray??? Like you press a Skill and watch it flash (Press...Flash....Press...Flash....Press...Flash.. ..DEAD) and fail to go off? I get this annoying thing on my sci all the time, and just today i healed someone 3 times that had the Borg nanites running threw them and they still turned into Borg, did they nurf the heals from scis so they don't heal the nanites anymore?