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12-02-2012, 11:41 PM
Hampton after giving a briefing of the battle plan beams aboard the U.S.C Prowler a frigate sized vessel with the most advances stealth technology in the quadrant. It uses many ancient advances technologies that where discovered. It has an advanced phase cloake. A energy masking layer on its outer hull. And can create sensor ghosts. It is armed with 2 MAC cannons and 8 guass canons. It also has a layer of solid nutronium armor. It is crewed by about 75 people.

Hampton soon sits in the command chair

Hampton: activate all stealth systems and bring engines and weapons online.

Officer: yes sir. Bringing systems online and preping warp drive waiting on coordinates sir.

Hampton: set course for earth.

Officer: course laid in and ready sir.

Hampton: engage.

The prowler is soon gone. Invisible to the eye and sensors as it heads for earth.